Bully Free
Bully Free

Welcome to Bully Free® - Now in use by more than 15% of all Australian schools. As seen on Channel Nine's 'Today Show' and featured on ABC Radio.
Bully Free will empower your children with positive anti-bullying strategies, presented by 3 of Australia's leading anti-bullying experts. Bully Free is the first DVD educational program of it's kind and features over 2.5 hours of invaluable tips, advice, guidance and proven anti-bullying techniques, giving you all the information you need to take control of bullying.
1 in 6 Aussie kids are bullied on a weekly basis. So, if your children are being affected by this insidious problem, don't let them be victims of bullying in 2013. Bully Free will give you positive, uplifting and powerful strategies that will make a huge difference and help reduce the impact of bullying.

Bully Free® is an exciting new educational resource in the quest against bullying. This breakthrough concept is a 'must see' anti-bullying program for children, families and schools, featuring 3 highly regarded experts on bullying;

  • Professor Donna Cross - Professor of child and adolescent health at Edith Cowan University
  • Andrew Fuller - Clinical Psychologist & Resilience Counsellor
  • Professor Bruce Burton - Acting Against Bullying co-founder and Chair in Applied Theatre at Griffith University

Learn more about what bullying is? Why it happens? The latest anti-bullying strategies for students. How to manage cyber bullying. Parental advice. The vital role of bystanders. Expanding friendship groups and developing resilience. 3 highly successful evidence based schools programs. Plus, a really wonderful anti-bullying relaxation segment.

Bully Free testimonials "I congratulate you on your organisation's efforts to develop and deliver such a worthwhile program to schools. Your commitment to improving the lives of young people at risk of bullying is commendable" Office of the Hon Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia.

"As a father of  3 young children, the information I received was invaluable. While hearing the stories of hardship on young minds, I realised the importance of a program like yours for people so desperate and helpless who would never have an opportunity to come in contact with a such a group of super experts. Please let me know how I can get a copy for my children's teachers?"
P A - Qld.

"A fabulous resource, congratulations to all" Lesley Moreschi - CEO, Meerilinga Childrens Foundation.

"It will be a valuable resource for schools" Hon Bronwyn Pike MP - Victorian Minister for Education.

You can be Bully Free TODAY for just $29.95 (plus p&h).